Revolution exists to empower women experiencing the crisis of homelessness. This is done by teaching women (the makers) the craft of jewelry making – allowing them to generate income, grow in self-confidence and build hope for the future.

Our jewelry, the byproduct of our mission, is inherently meaningful and also beautiful. Revolution’s makers create high-quality, fashionable pieces from responsibly sourced metal and leather. By trademark, our signature pieces feature a word – one intended to inspire both the maker and the customer.

We aim to be an organization that loves well, lives out authentic community and positively change lives. We pursue wholeness. We value diversity. We host a spirit of collaboration. We believe in quality over quantity. We strive to create and sell beautiful, feel-good jewelry.

Through this avenue of jewelry, we are helping change the face of homelessness, by spreading a message of love and empowerment, and improving the tapestry of our community as a whole.

Recently we donated 2017 jewelry items to the women in our programs at YWCA and Water Street Mission. We continually seek to give back in any way possible while upholding a zero waste policy.


Our Process

  1. Building relationships with women experiencing the crisis of homelessness.
  2. Training women in the art of jewelry making and teaching valuable job/life skills.
  3. One-of- a-kind, ethically sourced, leather jewelry is handcrafted by women and made available for purchase.

Your Impact

  • Stability
    Each piece of jewelry provides income to the maker, allowing them to pay for basic needs. Your purchase makes a difference in the lives of women.
  • Empowerment
    Women receive supportive training and job experience to provide greater confidence and dignity for their future.
  • Connection
    Our hand-stamped words both connect and encourage the women making the jewelry with the women purchasing it. These words and pieces remind us that we need each other.
  • Community
    Revolution believes in building partnerships with local businesses and nonprofit groups to improve the tapestry of the community as a whole.
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