Our Story

Revolution was founded with the purpose to build relationships and community. Our beginnings were simple. We came together as a group of women with a heart to love our neighbors. Upon serving at Water Street Mission, we met beautiful, strong, talented women - women who love their families and friends, who face challenges in parenting, who love to be creative and who have dreams. One fall evening in 2014, we met together for a creative project, stamping words on jewelry. Words that described our lives. Words that connected us. Words that inspired us.

This beautiful experience became much more; a social enterprise was born. We began setting up workshops to teach women the craft of jewelry making – allowing them to generate income, grow in self-confidence and build hope for the future. When standing together, we are stronger. It is through times of crisis that supportive community is needed most. That is why Revolution exists.

The women behind the jewelry

Each maker is unique, gifted, brave, and full of potential. Equipped with courage and hope, they are on a journey to build a healthy, stable life for themselves. The art and craft of jewelry making is just one facet of that journey--a platform that helps launch them forward into their next chapter.

Meet the Team

Ina Bunnell Program Director
Jocelyn Engle Marketing Director
Charissa Gift Director of Operations, Co-Founder
Angel Ludwig Strategy Director
Tasha Nankerville Operations Manager
Laura Rothacker Workshop Manager
Sarah Rutt Financial Director
Beth Koser-Schwartz Co-Founder
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