The BARE collection represents the beauty of things as they are. The open concept and strong, yet flexible, material remind us we are always striving for connection through closer relationships.

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The JOURNEY collection reminds us that we're all on a journey. The gold bead reflects our logo, symbolizing forward motion and change, which happens when we show up for each other.

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Lighthouse Collection

What does  LIGHTHOUSE mean to us?

bold | bright | clear | direct | dependable | serene


The design

For the woman who is bright, bold, clear and direct. The woman who lights up a room because she can be counted on to show up. It takes courage to stand strong through the storms and continue to hold peace. Whether you're on a mountain top, in a valley, or by the sea, be honest with where you are and shine anyway. Your light can encourage another woman to shine her light too. And so the world gets that much brighter. These beauties are for you.




Adaptive / Unencumbered / Equipped / Transitional / Capable / Beautiful

Embracing / Accepting / Contented Wandering / Graceful Strength


The design

The metals are strong, but not rigid, capable of keeping their shape but adaptive and forgiving with a simplicity of air of grace.